Kay Johnson

Founder and Director of the Larder.

Kay is doing a part-time PhD looking at how we can improve the food system through co-operative working.  In her spare time she keeps rescue hens and grows veg. Before all this she worked as a nutritionist nationally and overseas for 25 years, and spent a brief spell as a chef.  

She was brought up on a small farm in Lancashire.


Helen Weir

Is the Larder's catering manager.

Helen is a chef of 35 years and a lecturer and assessor in hospitality and catering.

In private service she cooked for the Prince of Wales, who decared her roast potatoes 'the best ever'.

She has a weakness for puddings of all kinds.


Chryssa Malfa-Erguvan

Leads the Larder’s community teaching programmes.

Chryssa grew up in Greece, where her grandparents were farmers and her father a chef. She achieved qualifications in economics while pursuing a career in hospitality and catering. 


Alison Watts

Runs the Larder office.

Alison spent seven years as a Community Nutrition Officer at Preston City Council. Her years in health and nutrition have included advising breastfeeding mums and running an independent health food shop.  

Alison's food inspiration is her mum, who, despite war-time rationing, made delicious nutritious meals for Alison and her sister. 


Andrea Veda

Food champion.  

Andrea's story about food has changed her life.  A lover of doughnuts and toast, she discovered an intolerance to gluten, and had to radically re-gear her diet.  She felt so much better, she started her own consultancy, Life After Bread.  Now she leads healthy eating community workshops for the Larder.


Charlie Clutterbuck

Director of the Larder.

Charlie is Research Fellow in Food Policy at City University London.

His expertise is agricultural science.  He writes and talks about Brexit, farming and food.  

His book, Bittersweet Brexit: Land, Labour and Food After Brexit was published in 2017.