12th April

We have a wonderful group of truly amazing volunteers who help cook, pack bags, co-ordinate, organise, design, and so much more.

Today’s volunteer shout out is to our truly wonderful volunteer drivers! We simply couldn’t do this without you!!
Supporting our homeless, older residents and the vulnerable by delivering nutritious home-cooked meals.

This is from one of our volunteer drivers:
“Just delivered to a lovely old lady who is shielding alone at home. She had absolutely no idea that someone had ordered for her and as well as the 5 x frozen meals on her order, the girls had thrown in a bunch of bananas, a yogurt, a “dessert treat” and a bag of luxury chocolate. She was quite taken aback and truly grateful.

I feel incredibly humbled to be welcomed in to be just a tiny cog in this phenomenal machine. You guys are doing an amazing job – you truly are Guardian Angels.”

❤️ Our volunteer drivers are phenomenal! We love working with you all!