Easter Kids In the Kitchen – Videos & Recipes

Did you know all our amazing Easter Kids In The Kitchen videos were made by our wonderful volunteers!

We are massively proud of the hard work they have put in, & the difference they have made to all the families taking part ? Massive thank you to Jacqui, Kay, Nik, Laura, Sue, Chryssa and Gill! 

Please keep using the videos & recipes…..
….and keep cooking! 

We didn’t want anyone to miss out, and want to encourage as many of you as possible to use these videos and recipes – they are all up on our YouTube Channel

We love to see your photos and comments – so please do try all the recipes and see which is your favourite (Team Larder love the frittata, and the banana cake – obviously!) All the individual recipes can be watched by clicking the links below and there are some easy to follow PDF recipe cards that can be downloaded as well – enjoy!

Pineapple & Chickpea curry

Download the Recipe PDF here: Pineapple and Chickpea curry

Scone Base Pizza

Download the Recipe PDF here: Game of Scones pizza


Download the Recipe PDF here: Return of The Mac-N-Cheese and the cheese sauce recipe

Drop Scones

Download the Recipe PDF here: Hop-Scotch Drop Scones

Cheesy Shepherdess Pie

Download the Recipe PDF here: Cheesy Shepherdess Pie


Download the Recipe PDF here: Fam-A-Lam Fit Frittata

Potato & Onion Fritters and Apple Fritters

Download the Recipe PDF here: In Fritters We Trust

Butternut Squash Soup

Download the Recipe PDF here: Squish Squash Soup

Easter Banana Cake

Download the Recipe PDF here: Banana-Rama Easter Cake

Tomato & Lentil Soup and Easter Biscuits

Download the Recipe PDFs here: Tomato and Lentil Soup & Egg-cellent Easter Biscuits