SewFab Thermal Cooking Bag

SewFab Energy Saving Thermal Cooking Bag

The thermal cooking bags act as a slow cooker without using electricity. All ingredients are placed in a pan and brought to the boil for just 10 minutes. The pan is then wrapped in a blanket or towel and placed in the bag which uses the retained heat to cook, thus drastically reducing kitchen fuel costs.

‘Thermal cooking bags are a tried-and-tested way to cook while achieving fuel economy. They were used during wartime and it’s great to see them making a reappearance! They represent a creative and sustainable way of combating food and fuel poverty.’

Professor Bryce Evans, author of Feeding the People in Wartime Britain  

How Does it Work?

>Cook It
Cook as normal in a metal or cast iron pan, bring to the boil for 10 minutes.

>Wrap it
Wrap the pan in a towel or picnic blanket. This helps with retaining heat, as well as fixing the lid securely in the Sew Fab Bag.

>Sew Fab Bag it
Put your wrapped up pan in The Sew Fab Thermal Cooking Bag, cover with the Sew Fab Bag cushion and fasten tightly.

>Leave it
Store your Sew Fab Bag, resisting the urge to peek! Cooking occurs over 2-4hrs, food is still hot even after 5hrs.

Versatile & Climate Friendly

The SewFab energy saving thermal cooking bag is a simple, revolutionary, non-electric slow cooker, with many climate and economic benefits:

  • Handmade in the UK by Lancashire based social enterprise The Sewing Rooms reducing transport costs and climate impact
  • The bag doesn’t need batteries, plug or any fuel – it just works on simple heat retention.
  • Portable with strong handles which makes the bag perfect for using on a picnic or if you are camping. Prep the dish and pop it in the bag – 3 hours later the food is piping hot, cooked and delicious ready to eat
  • The bag has no new fabric – its made with high quality fabric roll ends & off cuts from Lancashire fabric manufacturers Panaz & Senator fabrics – reducing fabric waste & landfill
  • This bag is so versatile due to the level of internal insulation it not only uses heat retention to cook food, it can also be used with ice packs to keep food cool.

Buy Your Bag

During the current energy price crisis we all need help to reduce our home fuel costs.

The energy saving SewFab Thermal Cooking Bags are available to purchase direct from the Larder Cafe, Arts & Community Hub in Preston City Centre – come & take a look at the different styles and pick your favourite – every bag is unique.

Alternatively purchase through our online shop (collection from the Larder Cafe, Arts & Community Hub only)