Thermal Cooking Bags

Energy Saving Thermal Cooking Bags

Due to rising energy costs, many households need immediate, dignified & sustainable solutions to help reduce fuel costs & access nutritious food…

The Larder has teamed up with The Sewing Rooms social enterprise in Skelmersdale to supply energy-saving SewFab thermal cooking bags to our Kids in the Kitchen families and our trained Food Champions, to demonstrate how to use this energy saving bag to cook hot nutritious meals, including recipes and vouchers for fresh, seasonal and easily accessible value-for-money ingredients.

The Larder & The Sewing Rooms

The Larder’s Food Champions will be delivering workshops across Lancashire demonstrating how use the thermal cooking bags, including support and learning around freshly prepared food from ingredients sourced locally, understanding seasonality and nutrition.

The thermal cooking bags act as a slow cooker without using electricity. All ingredients are placed in a pan and brought to the boil for just 10 minutes. The pan is then wrapped in a blanket or towel and placed in the bag which uses the retained heat to cook, thus drastically reducing kitchen fuel costs.

…I have to admit I was sceptical of the cooking bag but it totally surprised me, everything was tender and soft after 3 hours, we will definitely use it again. Thank you…

The SewFab energy saving bags are both versatile & climate friendly:

  • Saves £££s on home fuel costs
  • Uses Heat Retention (no fuel, plug or batteries)
  • Handmade from high quality roll end fabric in Lancashire
  • Portable


Summer 2022 Kids in the Kitchen

“Thank you so much for the kids in the kitchen the girls loved it. I was really surprised as sometimes I struggle to get them to eat veg but they ate it all!”

This summer we supplied more than 40 local families with a Kids In The Kitchen Kit which included:

  • thermal cooking bag,
  • recipe,
  • video and
  • voucher for free local ingredients

“the boys loved it and the thermal bag is amazing how it works we love it the boys can’t wait to cook again”

The Larders Food Champions

The Larders Food Champions training programme has trained more than 50 Food Champions in Lancashire.

We are excited to bring our Food Champions training to Skelmersdale this autumn.

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more, and bringing the Larders Food Champions training to your local area.

Resources – Energy Saving Thermal Cooking Bags – Recipes & Videos

We love seeing your creations and the recipes you use for cooking with these energy saving bags. either contact us through our socials or email

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