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The Larder's award-winning Food Champions Programme helps people understand the theory of good food.  It trains people to teach food skills where they live.  

The Larder's Leyland Food Champions programme asks, 'what stops you eating more healthily at home?' Answers are things like 'money', 'family pressure', and 'too busy'.


Cookery classes

The Larder runs practical cookery classes through Community Gateway Housing Association in Sion Park, Preston.

Trainer Chryssa says, 'We have got to get back to a time when food was simpler and less expensive.'
Practically this means cooking fresh rather than ready-meals, and eating less meat.

Do you want to start a cookery class in your school or street? Contact Chryssa


Experts by Experience

We applaud the work of Sustain and its Food Power Programme.  

They recognise that people who have overcome food poverty are experts.  They honour their dilemmas and decisions and promote them as strategists in overhauling our food system.